sleep disruptions


I want to share a funny story. At least I think it’s funny. We have a cat named Cordelia (yes, a nod to ‘Anne of Green Gables’ “Call me Cordelia). Cordi is my baby, I love her, but last fall we had to kick her out of the house because she was peeing in my house (I know…. GROSS!!). So, we kicked her out and I thought that she would immediately want back in. Instead she turned herself into a totally outside cat. We rarely ever see her and mostly just from a distance. Several days ago my husband heard this weird thumping noise coming from one of our back doors (yes, multiple back doors:) ). He went to check and found that Cordelia had climbed in through a hole in our broken screen (actually, i think she made the hole) and was trying to ‘play’ with our other cat Samantha (who is an indoor cat still.). She was climbing up and down in between the doors trying to get Sammy’s attention. As soon as she saw John she freaked and scrambled back out of the hole, but she’s been back at various times of the early morning ever since. It’s like she wants back in but doesn’t quite know how to go about it.


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