I should be used to this by now


I have a crazy, hectic life. I should be used to it by now. I keep feeling like my life shouldn’t be as busy as it is. I look around at my friends who have 2,3,4 or 5 kids (or more) and see how nuts their life is and think to myself. Well, with only one child my life shouldn’t be nearly as hectic and yet I prove myself wrong all of the time. The last two days are perfect examples of this life of mine that I keep insisting should not be too busy. On Wednesday morning I went on a walk with my good friend Melissa. WE walked for about 2 miles and then I went home and had breakfast and threw Sarah in the car and drove to Portland to sign some papers for my husband. Then, it’s back in the car to go home. Once home Sarah and I dive into homeschool. Math, Writing, Ancient History and Geography. We finish that at 2:10 but Sarah has to be on a school bus to go to a track meet @ 2:30, so I goad her to get ready on time (teenage girls think that getting dressed should take an hour or more but sometimes there’s just not enough time!!). We get to the bus late but fortunately the bus IS late (more on that later!). Whew!! She’s on the bus! She’s going to McMinnville and I had promised her that when she ran in track meets in Newberg and McMinnville I would be there to cheer her on. So, I have an hour before I need to leave to go watch her track meet. You’d think that would be plenty of time, but I have to run to the store for food and then run home and get as much of dinner ready as possible and by that time I’m late!!! Jump in my car to go the 25 minutes to Mac and get stuck in traffic in Dundee………(Dundee is always a traffic jam because the state still has not built the promised bypass after 50+ years!!!, I thought I’d miss traffic by going early but…..STUPID). So, I inch my way to Mac and then get lost because the track field is not where I thought it would be. Finally get myself settled and I cannot find a single child from Newberg. Ten minutes go by and I decide to call my husband and ask him to look on the CPRD website and see if I got it wrong. He chides me and tells me I should have had my phone on (I was charging it). Turns out that the Newberg coach got the date wrong. Sarah very wisely called her dad to let him know that I needed to know that the were going BACK! So, back in the car I jump (this time to drive the back roads) all the way to Newberg to pick my daughter back up at Newberg High School.

Yesterday was similar. School…get Sarah ready for track and on the bus…run a few errands (drop off DVD’s at friends), make phone calls, jump in the car and drive the McMinnville (the back roads). Watch 2 1/2 hours of track IN THE POURING RAIN!! Hug my daughter and friend Symphony and tell them how proud I am of them and then jump back in the car to drive to the McMinnville Stake Center for a meeting about my church calling of Activity Day Girls leader. Good women, good intention, no content for me…. John’s at the church too for a corresponding meeting so I wait an hour for his meeting to end so we can drive home together!!! By this time it’s 9:30 @ night. The whole day is GONE!!!

So, there’s my life. I know others have got crazier lifes I just sometimes can’t believe that a life with only 3 people in it can be this full.


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  1. you are pretty busy, I spend so much of my time in the van too!! sometimes I don’t feel like I have time to breath let alone sit!! I sympathize with you over the phone thing, I can never seem to keep mine charged too!

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