backyard archery!


So, I’m doing two posts in the same day but I figure it’s two different subjects! My husband John LOVES archery! He’s trained with the scouts to qualify as a range master or something so he can teach archery to others. If he has time and it’s a nice day he finds a place to set up his archery and shoot. If anyone even indicates a mild interest in archery, he invites them shooting. Today our friend Holly is in town. She insisted that she wanted to learn archery and the next thing I knew he set up a miniature archery range in our backyard. Sarah invited her friend Symphony over to shoot and so it all turned into a little archery party. John’s very serious about the safety rules in archery even (or should I say especially) when it’s in our backyard. He doesn’t appreciate any horseplay or goofing off, especially if you have an arrow in your hand. He’s adorable in his intensity.


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