Giggly Girls Day Camp or Bust!!


I am in the very fortunate position of being able to participate as a leader in the Activity Day Girl’s program in our church. I added it up the other day and I have been in this program for more than 4 1/2 years. These darling girls I have the blessing of being able to teach are between the ages of 8-11. Needless to say I am very attached to all of my girls. From the very beginning of the time my friend Melissa and I were called to lead this group the girls asked for a day camp. They wanted something outdoorsy and not terribly girly. They wanted a similar experience to what their scouting brothers did. We did not have the budget, or leadership to be able to pull off a camp for many years but last year we finally did. We had our first Giggly Girl’s Day Camp! (the girl’s named it…isn’t it darling?) We did archery and a nature walk and lots of crafts and of course silver foil dinners. It was a blast. As the girls were leaving they asked “Can we do this next year??” (They hadn’t even left yet!!!). So, we have planned another….but, it takes money. So, this year our ward is doing a fundraiser to raise money for all of the different youth organization’s camps and we joined the fundraising efforts. We’re going to have a little booth @ the fundraiser filled with things our girl’s made to sell (@ outrageous prices for the product!). On Friday evening we had our little crafting & pizza party. The girl’s made bead bracelets, and ribbon covered baretts and all sorts of different brownies in hearts shapes and bear shapes. Soooo…… CUTE! I’m so proud of them. They are so enthusiastic and smiley and for lack of a better word, shiny! I love working with them. I work with some fantastic women who I believe feel just as strongly what special people we’ve had the honor to serve. I just hope we make lots of $$$$. The only real bummer to the evening is looking around and realizing that by the next day camp in 2010, 5 of my girls will have moved out of the program into the Yount Women’s program. It’s going to break my heart just a little bit.


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