bags and bags of fun!


It’s always hoppin’ at my house on Activity Day Girl’s day. This week we tackled a fun little project that I’d like to share. We got some cute little canvas bags from and ironed on these adorable iron-on’s. Then the girls colored in the flower petals that represent the goals they’ve completed and then we bedazzled it! It’s totally cute! The girls were darling and extrememly co-operative and well behaved. I’m always impressed by them. It’s a little nerve wracking having an 8 year old handle an iron, so it settles the heart to know that the girl’s are so good. They actually do listen! I love these girls! I got this project from the fantastic website A really creative women named Anne Ficklin gets all of the credit for this entire idea. If you like this and want the pattern and infofind it at


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  1. i love your photos and the scrapbook look to them…how do you do that? that looks so nice. I also loved seeing the photo of your wedding day…good memories

  2. hi grace,I am a Heritage Maker consultant so I work with a lot of digital scrap art. These are pages I’ve done and then I took a screen capture image (I use a product called JING) to “capture” the image i want.

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