The color purple


It’s a fairly well known fact that I adore colors…all kinds of colors with a particular soft spot for green. I think of all colors I know purple is probably one of my least favorite. Oh, I have a fantastic pair of purple earrings that I love and a couple of purple outfits I enjoy but I don’t tend to gravitate towards purple, except when it comes to flowers. I can honestly say that all of my favorite plants are purple. I adore the lavender plant and of course the butterfly bush, my Iris’s my wisteria. Many of my favorite flowers are spring blooming and they’re blooming right now. My Wisteria is particularly gorgeous right now, with 3 foot long blooms… It was a beautiful day outside inbetween crazy rainstorms and so I ran out and took pictures of some of my favorite PURPLE blooms.


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  1. Pretty! I love flowers…Dad just finished planting out garden, but it’s strictly a food garden at this point. We do, however, have honeysuckle growing next to our house and I LOVE it. Everytime I walk to the car, I can’t help but take a deep breath and enjoy the smell!

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