The Bridges of Linn County


For the last couple of weeks John has been hinting that he wanted to take me out for a special day…a special surprise. Unfortunately our schedules were just too….well….scheduled and the only date available was Memorial Day. Finally, he told me what he had planned. A day trip seeing as many of the covered Bridges in Oregon as we could. Did you know that there are 50 covered bridges in Oregon?? I didn’t. John initially planned this as a special couple trip but due to extenuating circumstances it became a family trip and that’s OK, we all had a wonderful day together. All told we were able to visit 11 bridges, most in Linn county. The bridges themselves look pretty similar but their stories are fascinating. Several were severely damaged in the flood of 1996 and had been re-constructed, a couple had been moved and re-built in a new place, one actually was taken apart and put into storage before it was bought by a preservation group and re-built in a park. One was in the movie ‘Shannendoah’ (in the 60’s) and the production company fixed up the bridge as part of their cost for using it. We had so much fun that we’re going to try to plan another day trip sometime to go further south. Their are a bunch south of Eugene, some right outside of Cottage Grove, a town I lived in for a
brief time.


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