funky, skunky weather


So, Thursday was wild. About 25 minutes into our activity Day Girls meeting John calls to tell me that there are high winds headed our way and that I should make sure that anything that’s loose outside should come inside. So, I tell my other leaders the news and minutes later it gets really dark and high winds come roaring through. Minutes after that massive amounts of rain come out of the sky and it got cool. I got a panicked phone call from a parent saying that it is tornado weather. There are alerts on the emergency broadcast system to stay in doors. One of Sarah’s friends call shortly after to say they saw a tornado funnel start to form over their home. The girls were wonderful, they all thought it was the best adventure they could think of. Our Activity flew out the window though. The storm only last about 20 minutes and we suffered no ill effects, even the branches on our trees that have been broken since December didn’t fly off. We heard reports of downed trees and electricity losses but feel blessed that we were passed over. Count this down as another adventure.


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  1. one of the dad's spazzed out and picked up his girls, otherwise the girls had a good time and the parents were pretty responsible. (You do NOT drive out in the middle of weather like that!)

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