Hallelujah! Camp is done!


Our Activity Girl’s Day Camp was yesterday! I’m so relieved. The weather was perfect (overcast & about 70 degrees). No injuries or major accidents occured., and very little squabbling occured! We had a near disaster when John became ill with a high fever on Monday. He slept all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I had decided that if he was not well by Wednesday night I was going to have to figure out how to teach Archery but he pulled himself together and was able to be there for the girls. Whew!!

We had 15 girls. We have approximately 18 girls who participate in Activity girls and 6 girls not at camp, so the math is interesting! We had a full day of activities. We made visors and necklaces for our crafts.

WE taught first aid (taught by Anne Mortensen) and made first aid kits and orienteering (taught by Amanda Brierley) and made compass inspired crafts. We had Archery (taught by Johnny). We sang silly camp songs, signed each other’s t-shirts and invited daddy’s to our campfire dinner! We ate s’mores and got silly. There was much giggling at our giggly girls day camp. It was fun! I’m glad we did it! We’ll do it again! I’m exhausted and glad it’s over!!


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