Abi’s dance recital


Yesterday we went to Abrianna’s dance recital. It was quite the production. It was at this ‘church’ in Tualatin that had a huge parking lot with the different parts of the lot ‘named’ after various books in the New Testament. the recital itself was in their auditorium, complete with two big screens to view the production on the stage. the auditorium itself was huge, larger than many college auditoriums I’ve been in. Did I mention the church had a coffee shop and a gift shop in it?? There were two ‘Acts’…..we only stayed for one…the one Abi was in. She danced to ‘Over the Rainbow’. She did quite well, even though she spent a lot of tiem rubber necking to try to see herself on the big screen. ‘Cedes sat next to John and I and had a running dialogue all through the performance. When Abi’s part was done she looked at me and said ‘well, that was a miracle’. I’m guessing Abrianna said something very dramatic before her performance about it being a miracle if she got through it…and ‘Cedes took it very seriously. I think ‘Cedes was a bit envious that Abi was a star but Seth said ‘Cedes is going to be in next year because seh’s going to be taking dance as well.


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