lessons from Hank


So, Pappa always said that when I found a spider I should name him and make him my friend…he must have taught the same lesson to Sarah or I did because she found a freind and named him Hank. Hank is a little spider who lives on the right rearview mirror of my car. We first noticed Hank on Sunday as we sped down the freeway. Hank was hanging on for his life as we boogied along at 55 miles per hour. I remember noticing that he was quite tenatiously holding on. Over the last few days I’ve found myself looking for Hank when I climb into my car. Sarah and I noticed that Hank scurries off his web the moment my car starts, and climbs down underneath the mirror. I’ve become impressed. I’ve decided Hank can be a good influence on me. Every day I watch Hank scurry for cover and then re-build his little web and life every time. Hank seems to be prepared for the winds that buffet him and he takes it in stride and then re-builds. So, right now Hank is my inspiration. Life can and is buffeting me, making me duck for cover but then when the winds calm I need to stop sulking and get my butt out of hiding and re-build…hopefully something better.


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