Feinauer Family Reunion


So, we’re back from the Feinauer Family Reunion 2009!!! We had a really good time! I was so pleased that everything went as well as it did. We stayed at the Astoria KOA here in Oregon. We stayed in these cute little 4 and 6 person Kamp Kabins and were all lined up next to each other, wich was fun! There were only 28 of us and we missed those who couldn’t be there and yet the group that was there interacted and had fun together, even cody joined in the fun! The kids were all so adorable together….they were like a pack, you couldn’t always tell who belonged to whom, which was great. They had a ‘jumping pillow’ at the KOA wich is basically a trampoline and I swear those kids could jump on that thing all day long. The KOA is right across the street from Fort Stevens so we spent time at the beach there and at the Fort itself. I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures because there were so many photographers there that I thought, why try?? I’ll just get their pictures from them…so I’ll post them when I have them. We did take one family photo with all of us in it…so, that should be interesting to see. Bret and Chad did most of the cooking and all of us pitched in with the cleaning and the organizing. WE had the addition of having a shrimp boil this year as our final dinner together (after all, we were at the beach so we wanted seafood!!!), so John was excited to cook up some shrimp, Cajun style…it was very popular! Everyone got along so well together. The kids were well behaved..it was just a really good time!!


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  1. As everyone else has said…we wish we could have been there! Tara has posted some pictures on Facebook, too, so you may want to take a look. There were a lot of kids there!

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