a card for Julie


I just wanted to share my latest project. One of my Activity Day Girl’s is turning 12 and I wanted to give her something special, just from me so I made this card with pictures of some of our Activities. I think it turned out cute! I’m trusting she’s not going to stumble across my blog and accidentally see this. It’s both exciting and sad for me to send another girl in to young women’s. She is actually my first girl to start out with me as an 8 year old and go all the way through the program so that tells you how long I’ve been doing this. It’s really a bitter sweet moment for me. In the next year I will send 4 more of my girls (or is it 5???). I will miss them all. I love all of them.
Check out Julie’s card here!

Hint: The card’s double sided so you can use your mouse to spin it around to look at the other side.

My girl’s earn charms for a charm bracelet while they are passing off goals and their final ‘charm’ is a graduation girl. There’s a blank spot in Julie’s card under her archery badge (she’s our best archer) where I’m going to use a pop dot to attach her charm.


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