Girl’s Camp 2009


John and Sarah just got back from Girl’s Camp! I missed them both so much. I was alone for almost 5 days. Now, you’d think this would be great, a little a lone time…and it is. I got a lot done…but I missed my family, so now I have them back.

Sarah went as a second year. I can’t believe she’s so old. She had such a great time. As a matter of a fact she was asked to speak tonight at the girl’s camp fireside they have after each girl’s camp. She stood up and was so composed and lovely and spoke about how kind all of the girls are to each other and how much their friendships mean to her. It was so sweet and true to her. She got to camp in a tent (no more wussy cabin’s for these girls) and had an outhouse instead of indoor plumbing. Fortunately Sarah’s used to camping and was completely comfortable with all of the more rough conditions. I’m so proud of her. She got to share a tent with her best friend Symphony and a couple of other girls (can’t remember wich).

John went as the archery instructor and general help all dude. He took our fifth wheel with him and camped separate from the others. Sarah and Symphony begged to come use his shower but he wouldn’t let them in his trailer….he, he, he.

they both had a wonderful time! But, I’m soooooo glad they’re home! I have other pictures. I may upload them later.


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