happy birthday johnny!


today it’s John’s birthday. I am a terrible wife because I forgot! theoretically speaking I knew it was Sunday but we’d decided to celebrate it in October and so, I forgot. i think I get the bad wife award for this year.

On the flip side…I think he gets the best husband award. I am so grateful that he was put into my life. i think i’m the luckiest lady in the world.

(Oh, I also couldn’t remember how old he turned today. for some reason I thought he is 2 years younger than he is)


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  1. yeah. he had a good day but he was hardly home. He stepped in to take someone's place for a scout board of review. and then it wa sgeneral priesthood meeting so he just wasn't able to be home more than an hour all day. a friend made a little cake and dropped it off so he did have cake on his birthday.

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