Boo’s Halloween


Halloween has always been one of Peekaboo’s favorite holidays. When she was little she would figure out her costume in August so I could start making it as soon as possible. She always knew exactly what she wanted. Our first Halloween with her she dressed up as a princess and John took her out trick or treating. They were gone about an hour. When they got back John laughingly told me that they’d only been to about 4 houses. Sarah would ring the doorbell, go through the whole trick or treat spiel and then proceed to ask if they had a dog or a cat, and then tell them that she has 2 dogs and a cat….etc, etc, etc… she charmed the part of the neighborhood she trick or treated in. Wow! We’ve come a long way. Now she still loves to get dressed up but it has to be not too dressed up, because that’s not cool when you’re 13! And, it’s important to be cool! Tonight she’s off to a halloween party dressed as a blue fairy, complete with black jeans and a blue t-shirt, and wings! Below are some of my favorite photos from this season! Happy Halloween!


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