paper packets


I get a lot of requests on how to make my paper packets. I use them every year for ‘Recognition Night’ to put the charms in, but I’ve also used them for holding homemade bath salts and small gifts. They’re super easy to make and they look darling and they’re quite sturdy.

these packets can be as small or as large as you like. The only rule is to start with a rectangle. I start with a 5″x6″ piece of paper

with the paper face up, I run a line of a really tacky glue up one of the long sides.(I really like Scotch’s ‘tacky fast drying’ glue. It has a fine tip for easy application and and the applicator doesn’t get easily gummed up.)

I roll it and press it together on one side. Hold it together for a few seconds to a few minutes until the glue dries.

It should look like a toilet paper tube.

Then, on one of the ends, run a line of the sticky glue again and pinch together. hold it again until it dries.

after the glue dries I poke a hole about 3/4 of an inch from the end. I usually use a piercing tool but in a pinch a thumb tack works really well, just make sure you have a soft surface underneath for it to poke through. I use cork here but a mouse pad also works well.

to that end I attach my tag with a brad.

fill your packet with anything you like. and then close the packet by gluing the other end in the opposite direction from the first end.

I use my Cricut to cut out the tags. (Love my Cricut!!). I use the font ‘George & Basic shapes’. I made my tags 3″ but you can make them any size.

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