Sarah’s recital


Tonight was Sarah’s ‘piano’ recital. She played the 19 songs in her most recent book. I knew the grandma’s would want to see it so I posted some of it here. She was really, really, really nervous so it’s not seamless but she has worked awfully hard to get through this book. Her BFF’s Kyrena and Symphony came to cheer her on! Twas fun! So, fun facts about the evening….Sarah needed to play her ‘recital’ without her book and so she wrote all of the songs on her hand to keep herself on track. Periodically you’ll see her sneek a peek at her hand. Also, you can’t see her feet but Sarah not only keeps time with her feet but almost seems to dance a bit under the piano. Her feet are as involved in her music as her hands. It’s quite lovely actually.

Apparently John’s a Jungle gym??

Sarah’s very patient piano teacher, Lendie

the whole happy group!!


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