Wow! What a weekend! I’m so bushed!
Thursday was Thanksgiving (of course!!) We started off the day with exercise (to work up that appetite). I went to the track and John and Sarah went to the annual ‘Turkey Bowl’ that John actually started years ago but luckily others have taken up the job. It was raining but not very much. A very mild Thanksgiving weatherwise. Then, we went to my Uncle Lynn’s for dinner and then John’s sister’s for desert. At my Uncle’s there were (I think 17) of us so it was a pretty tiny group but still pretty lively. John and all the guys watched football (Dallas cowboys against I think Oakland). Personally, I just don’t ‘get’ football. John’s tried and tried to explain it but it just won’t sink in. After a lovely and very filling meal (including red cabbage…YUM) we went to John’s sister’s. She lives in troutdale so it was an additional 45 minutes away. When we got there it became apparent that the game for the evening was ‘rockband’. Our nephew Erik obviously loves this game and is quite skilled on the drums and our other nephews had joined him. It was a mini concert. Now, honestly, this is not my preferred type of game. I don’t feel like people interact and it’s a bit loud for me. But, it was fun seeing Erik and the boys having such a good time and sharing it with everyone. Then, they gave Sarah the sticks to the drums and little Braedyn our grandnephew was the ‘singer’. I really enjoyed that show. I’m posting a video of Braedyn. Watch how he starts out singing quite enthusiastically but not moving much but by the end he’s doing some ‘moves’ that are just adorable. his dad, our nephew Joe, sweetly leans over his shoulder to help him out for a few minutes. It’s precious! Joe’s such a good dad!

So, Friday was John and my 16th Wedding Anniversary. We spent the day in Lincoln City with our friend’s the Barnards and their son and his friend and Dickson’s and Sarah and her friend Britney. We had a Thanksgiving part 2! It was delicious! My favorite part of the day was a girl’s outing to JoAnne Fabrics! It was black friday but we went late enough that it wasn’t too bad AND we still had our fabulous coupons!!

Saturday we went to the lovely wedding our good friend’s eldest daughter, ran a few errands and then went to a baptism and then the wedding reception for our friend’s daughter.

Sunday was church, choir in AMITY, John driving to McMinnville…It was nuts!! I’m soooooooooo glad the weekend’s over. It was wonderful and filled with wonderful things but I’m DONE!


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