Our Christmas Tree


Every year we go cut down our own Christmas tree. We try to go on the First Saturday in December. For the past 5 or 6 years we’ve gone to a place near Yamhill called Jorgensen’s tree farm. It’s a cute little family farm with friendly people who remember us! This year we continued our little tradition (of course). WE trudged up the hill with our little hand saw (John misses using his gas powered one:( , I don’t, it’s noisy). I usually find one I like right away while Sarah runs around finding a whole bunch. This year was no exception, it just took our ‘teen’ a little longer to get in the spirit. Once she got into it she kept finding the ‘biggest’ trees she could. Seeing how our ceiling is NOT 10 feet tall we chose not to get them. We ended up getting the tree I found (in the first 5 minutes), a pretty little 7 footer that is perfectly proportioned and blessedly straight! We usually get our tree and decorate our house all in the same day but we ended up having one of those out of control days where we couldn’t get it all done, so instead we decorated our tree on Monday (after Sarah’s all day field trip!). i think it’s darling and it totally reflects us! I love having a live christmas tree. I listened recently while a bunch of people kvetched about how much of a hassle a real tree is and they don’t like them and I just don’t get it. I love the smell, I love the feel, I love the colors!


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  1. We got our tree on Saturday and put it up last night. Every ornament has a memory attached to it! It's become a memory tree (with a few new memories on it!).Did you sing to the tree?Miss you!

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