Boo is 14!


So, Boo is officially 14! I’m a little shell shocked myself! She’s looking so grown up! I can not believe how fast time has flown. For her birthday we had a quiet day @ home. Quiet mainly because she spent the afternoon with her friend Britney. Once home she begged and pestered and begged some more until we agreed it was ‘time to open’ her presents. (Mom, was I this obnoxious?? I know you were pretty fed up with me about the time I turned 14! Soooooooooooo sorry!!)

For her birthday we did a ‘salon’ theme. She got thinning shears and lots of clips, pins, etc. for everything from cutting to styling hair. she got a cape for her ‘clients’ and an apron for herself, a spray bottle… and I made her a little carrier to hold all of her scissors and combs (I’ll show more of that later…I
MADE IT ANDIT AND IT TURNED OUT PRETTY STINKIN’ CUTE!) Within a very short time of getting all of her ‘beauty’ supplies she’d cut my hair (promised a trim but it’s much shorter than when we started) and her hair has undergone some metamorphosis.

Since she had a beautifully made cake as a birthday gift from one of her friends I didn’t feel that I needed to worry about a cake so she got cupcakes instead!

However, I couldn’t help but do something ‘cute’ with the cupcakes! I REALLY love my Cricut machine. I made all sorts of cute things including my ‘toppers’ for her cupcakes!

Her BFF Kyrena dropped by and gave her some earrings that she’d made along with this old cokacola mug and a blanket with Sarah’s nickname (Jack) on it. (Don’t ask why her nickname’s jack, I don’t get it….all of the girl’s have wierd little nicknames!!)

All in all it was an invigorating day. Teenagers are a lot of work!!


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  1. Your 14th birthday was an amazing occasion with the anticipation of JJ for a present! You always looked sooooo forward to your birthday!Sarah is amazing! I can't wait to see pictures of her hair and yours. You are an amazing Mom with all your creativity. Sure do wish I could have been there (I could use a cut myself!)

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