a home made christmas


Something about this year has stirred my creativity. I think it’s a combination of wanting to be a bit more frugal (and hand made makes you think it’s cheaper….it usually isn’t!! but, it’s fun!!. I also think that I’ve been feeling slightly more in control in my life and that stirs my creativity rather than leaving me frozen. I don’t know how many pictures this blog will let me share so I may share in stages. I’m doing this less to brag as much to document for later so I can say “OH, yeah, I remember when I did that!!)

For Sarah’s birthday I made her a cute little scissor and tool holder.

I found this idea on the Idea room (one of my favorite blogs!! lots of my ideas came from here this year!)
I purchased 1/2 yard (and that’s waaaay…too…much!) of a really pretty double sided pre-quilted material. I cut one piece 9 inches by 18 inches and the second 6 inches by 18 inches.

I found a pretty contrasting 1/2 inch ribbon and folded it over the top exposed edge on the 6″x18″ fabric and sewed it in place. easy peasy.

Then, on the larger piece I sewed a 18″ piece of contrasting ribbon. I folded the ribbon in half to find the middle and then sewed it about 6 inches down and 2 inches in from one of the edges. Make sure you sew the middle of the ribbon and then don’t re-sew over top. I also zig-zagged the ribbon so it looked kinda purty.

to finish up I sewed the bottom of the short piece to the long piece, matching edges. Then, I marked different pocket sizes, some are 3″ wide, some are 1″ wide, depending on what will be stored, hers stores combs and scissors. I sewed up the marked lines using a straight stitch (I used contrasting thread so it was decorative). I started with the center line and then worked outward. It was super quick. When done I finished with a simple ribbon border on the edges as binding.

I’m rather proud of it and Sarah’s delighted. Note: if I do it again I would probably make the ribbon ‘tie’ a couple of inches longer, maybe 6-8 Inches longer .

for friend gifts I wanted to do something cute! soooo….

John makes these darling little wooden baskets every year. He makes them in small batches of 2-3 so I used them as my gathering point for all of my cute stuff.
Once again I found this darling little idea on The Idea Room for using a safe edged can opener to create a neat little package. Then, I filled my clean cans with different treats, like cookies and fudge and brittle. Several of the cans I filled with chocolate dipped fortune cookies with a tag that said “I’m so fortunate to know you!” on it. I found this cute little free download @ http://lauriefurnell.blogspot.com/ and so I was able to cover my cans with this darling little snowman! I think he turned out cute!! I want to do this again next year.
So, here’s my last idea for now! This one was super fast and super popular. The chocolate wasn’t cheap so next year I’ll prepare better and buy chocolate ahead of time. I found this cute little idea for hot chocolate on a stick @ http://www.giverslog.com . I had some silicone forms for making ‘brownie bites’ and they worked perfect because you could pop the cooled chocolate out.

next time I’ll know better how to pour the chocolate in before it cools (it does cool quickly!!)

All wrapped up they look super adorable. I gave them to my activity girls and my AG assistant leaders and then I also bought inexpensive dollar store mugs and gave them hot chocolate with a stick. Such an inexpensive idea but suuuuper cute! It went over really well. Hope I haven’t bored you!


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  1. mom…if you run your cursor over the words 'hot chocolate on a stick' on my blog it will show that that is a link to the original blog I found it on. If you click on that it gives you all the instructions you need, but basically…. It's semi-sweet baker's chocolate with powdered sugar. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler until it' nice and melted and then mix in the powdered sugar super fast, then pour into a container such as ice cube trays or in my case brownie pop silicone container. Put the sticks in IMMEDIATELY because the chocolate starts setting up right away and then leave it alone. I put it in the fridge for 30 minutes and it set up great but you could also just leave on the counter for an hour or so and then just pop them out. I then dipped them in some white chocolate and some crushed candy cane, let sit for 15 minutes and then wrapped them up. Simple and fun!! Hope you read this!

  2. finding fun blogs to read is fun! for me, between homeschooling and Activity Day Girls and my business I'm always looking for unique and fun ways to do things so I spend (not alot…don't have a lot) time looking on my favorite blogs and following the links.

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