it’s snowing- boo!!!!!!!


So, we’ve got a nice winter snow. It’s pretty, it’s fluffy, it’s been coming down all day. There’s only about 6 or 7 inches. So, why am I not thrilled? my darling hubby is stuck in traffic on I-5. It’s almost 10 o’clock @ night and he still can’t get home. This is ridunculous. It wasn’t this bad last year when we had several FEET of snow! Every minute he’s not home I worry about him. I know he’s a good driver but others around him are not guaranteed to be as good and the night time changes the driving conditions. right now I’m just sitting here with my daughter. she tried a new style on my hair. quite hip, quite stylized, not quite me……but, she’s really loving learning more about hair styling. hope all’s well with you and that your near and dear are close to you.


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  1. I hope everything is o.k.!! Its always nerve wrecking when you can't do anything but wait. I am glad you have snow, must be so pretty!!By the way Mom got the book today and she loved it, thanks for all your help!!

  2. i hope your hubby made it home safe and sound. i have heard of several people who got stuck. We were out in it when it first began falling. it's crazy how people in oregon forget to drive or can't think how to drive when snow falls!

  3. John's boss got stuck on 205 and ended up finding somewhere to spend the night. It was crazy! John got home a little after 10 and then went to bed @ 10:30 so it was a rough day for him. On the plus side, this morning he drove to work and it only took him 40 minutes. It's usually a 45 minute drive if it's a good day for John so everyone got off the road today.

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