cool gift, but what should I do with it?


Have you ever gotten one of those gifts? You know…really cool…obviously really well thought out…definitely your style…but, what do you do with it? Well, I got a couple of cool gifts for Christmas from my niece Robynn.

It’s this really cool printer paper that’s 100% compostable and even better you can plant it and it has seeds in it and it’ll grow into flowers or some such. A really cool idea and I DO LOVE paper! She also got me this beautiful hemlock twine.

SO COOL! But, what do I do with it? I think this may have inadvertantly shown on my face…I hope not though. So, all through Christmas Eve I thought and thought and thought, what can I do with this? I was afraid that if I didn’t use it for something quickly it would get burried with all of my other ‘cool paper’ and I would have wasted her lovely, thoughtful gift. So, it took me a couple of days but until I finally came up with it. I made a gratitude journal.

I found wonderful, simple, detailed instructions on how to do a journal with Japanese binding on Little Birdie Secrets and I followed them as close as I could. I think the journal turned out quite cute!

I may have to fix the binding eventually since this hemlock twine has a tendency to break

but until then I’ll leave as much of gift in tact as possible. I’ve dabbled in book making to various success before and this is my favorite result ever!! When I have to replace the binding I think I’ll use a small rope or twine to keep the natural look.


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