crazy about bees!


I’m gearing up for our 2nd Annual Activity Girl’s Article of Faith Carnival. Last year was our first go at it and it was fun but this year we’re going to kick it up a notch. I’m excited because we’re finally back in our church building (it’s been under construction for FOREVER!!– Alright, not forever but nearly 13 months is plenty looong). So, now that we’re back in the building we’re going to go all out! Our theme is ‘bee’s’.

Here’s our little mascott!

We’re going to have yellow & black balloons and cupcakes decorated as bees. Our invites, tickets (yes, tickets…it’s a carnival after all!) and posters will have bees on it, even our trophy for our article of faith ‘bee’ has a bee on it…but, I’m trying to find a fun way to tie in bees with an inexpensive take home keepsake. Last year I gave them bee magnets and they were super cute but I got them for a steal at JoAnne Fabrics, it was a fluke. This year when I’m looking I’m not finding any inspiration. I have 23 girls so I need alot but I need to be frugal. Any ideas??


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