My ‘Cedes


My ‘Cedes is 7! I can’t believe how old she is and how quickly she’s grown! On Sunday we went to Sethy’s to celebrate her big 07! She was pretty durn wound up! But, I guess I would be too since she’d been partying since Friday. Whoo Hoo!!!

Here she is holding her massive balloon bunch! Her favorite balloon is shaped like a horse. It’s really cool and really big!

Here she’s showing off her ceramics she made in school. I’m not entirely certain what they are but up close they’re quite cute. I think the one on the left is a pumpkin and the one on the right almost looks like a chicken. She asked me to take pictures to show Nanna!

Here’s my ‘Cedes all tricked out in the new hoodie we gave her for her b-day and the necklace I made her. She gave me so many poses I didn’t know which one to choose! She’s a total ham in front of the camera!
this is the remnant of her birthday ‘cupcake’. She quite deliberately made a mess while proclaiming how ‘clean’ she is…total ham… I could tell she was dying for me to take a picture and so I did. I guess she’s got me trained.

Ok, so WHY is it so stinkin’ hard to take a group shot with everyone looking in the same direction at the same time??? WHY????

See…we have waaay too many hams in this family to get a good group photo. It’s so frustrating to me.

I give up!!

OK…so, this is the last of my post. It’s a little video of ‘cedes. She said she wanted to play me a song….there’s not much music to it but it is definitely a snapshot of the stubborn little ham that is our ‘Cedes. Need I mention that I love this girl and get a great big kick out of her! She’s a riot! She’s my ‘Cedes


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