family and valentines!


Happy Valentines Day. It’s been quite a busy couple of days. I’ve taken so many pictures in the last few days that it’s impossible to show them all to you. Here are a few highlights of our family valentines day dinner. John (my darling valentine) made us dinner. He cooked us a ham and noodles and corn. Then, for dinner he made us an allergy friendly desert. He made wheat free, gluten free, egg & dairy and nut free chocolate cupcakes topped with strawberries. they were actually quite good, although we couldn’t quite figure out what food group they fit into.

Here’s me with the wild ones!

Here’s me with my peekaboo!

My sister T. Feelin’ a bit under the weather but ready to get back on the road!

‘Cedes, Boo and Kara & Sarah’s Penguin pillow that I made her for valentines day. Sarah’s totally into Penguins!

Peekaboo and Kara bonding. I made the flower in Kara’s hair and Sarah styled her hair. kara’s a total girlie girl.


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