Northward bound


I’m home!

Yeah! I am so happy to be home! I love my home!

I just got home from California. I went to help my sister Christy and her family move. I’m so glad I went because I was able to spend so much quality time with my sister and my nephews and niece. My niece Kara in particular is very shy and always has to be re-introduced to me but this time she’s old enough that I was able to interact with her and soak up her sweetness and
Love!. Christy and her hubby and kids are moving to Kirkland, Washington so this is the closest she’s lived to us since she left for college many, many ,many years ago.

I flew down to LA where Christy has been living. I’m really NOT a big fan of flying so I think I did really quite well. I arrived at 9:30 @ night and after a little mix up over where to pick me up I got home to Christy’s safe and sound. Poor Christy (now to be referred to as T) was completely exhausted. She’d been packing for days. She’s blessed to have movers come to pack and move her stuff but she still needed to have about 4 more arms than she has and an extra pair or two of eyes to keep track of everything.

Early the next morning we got the kids off to school and the movers arrived to pack everything up in this ginormous moving truck. They were quick and friendly but it’s still a major chore. They started packing @ 8 am and finished by 2! I went to a hotel with the kids to keep them out of the way and get ready for the next day. It’s amazing how exhausting just being around people who are moving things can be.

On Friday morning, bright and early (actually not so bright) we left Torrence, wich is just south of LA. It was 5:15 in the morning and neither Christy or I had slept for more than about 2 hours. I slept with my nephew Alton who is sweet and cuddly and a definte mover in bed. I awoke several times to his kicking me and then one time I felt his feet walking up my back and then his feet flung over my shoulder. I had to move him numerous times. Christy slept with Kara who also moved and kicked all night. There’s nothing like a night of being beat up to prepare you for a long tedious drive.

We feel very blessed to have left LA when we did because we encountered virtually NO traffic. This proved to be true as a moved north. We spent the night in Redding California (right near the Oregon border). We traveled through Sacramento and several other sizeable cities and never really had to slow down much. Blesssings!!

The next day was much the same. We managed to travel through such beautiful country all in good time with virtually no traffic. The kids were super troopers. They watched DVD’s and played their DS’s and talked and didn’t complain or whine. They were wonderful! It was such a good trip! If you have to spend 17+ hours in the car with 3 young children I hope yours goes this well.


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