Article of Faith Carnival is done!!


I’m beat! Seriously Beat! But, I had a good time getting beat!

today was our Article of Faith Carnival. This is our second time and I think it went really well. We had 16 girls, so I think we were only missing 6. We had 6 games that we played. Fishing, Musical Chairs, the balloon game, the wheel of faith, the fly swatter game and name that tune. We divided the girls into two different groups and played each game for 15 minutes. It was chaos, but controlled chaos. We did have a few roadblocks. One being that there was an unexpected death and so there was a funeral @ the church, it started after we were done but the viewing started while we were there. We had made sure that we would not be in a part of the building near the funeral & we did our best to get the girls to calm down after the viewing started and they really did do a good job trying to be quiet. I was very proud of them. The other was that there was also a baby shower going on in the building…crazy day for the church building. So, back to the carnival. We played all of these fun games! I had 3 other wonderful women who helped me plan and execute this carnival (Amy, Chery & Joan)and so we divided the games responsibilites between the three of us. At the begining of the activity we gave each of the girl’s a punch card that hung around their necks. Each time they recited, recognized, learned part of….etc…we praise for EVERYTHING….an article of faith they got a punch on their card. By the end they were so excited to get so many punches on their cards:) After the games we had lunch (pizza from Little Caesar’s- we ordered 5 of them and they were all eaten!) and then we had our article of Faith ‘Bee’. I was so impressed how well each girl did. We had 4 girls there who were new to activity girls, two who were less or inactive and two who were baptised in the last 2 weeks and all 4 of them passed off their first two articles of faith and even tried the third. It was very impressive. 10 year old McKenna won the Bee with 11 year old Lynzee coming in second and 9 year old Camille coming in 3rd. Too cute. Our theme is Bee’s so all of our decorations, invitations and even the trophy were in a bee theme. Just for reference. I used a lot of Lettering Delight’s graphics for all of our invitations, posters, etc. I love lettering delights. They’re a fantastic company specializing in fun, digital artwork.

Name that Tune! Listen to one of the Article of Faith Songs and the first to correctly identify by number or say the rest of the article of faith…wins.

Fishing Game! I’m on the other side selecting an article of faith that they fish for and then recite to the best of their ability or with help or prompting….no loosers in fishing!

I can’t believe John took this picture of me on the other side of the curtain:(

The Wheel of Faith 🙂 Cute, huh??

I don’t have pictures of the other cupcakes. All 4 of us made 2 dozen ‘bee’ cupcakes. We all did our own version and they were sooooo cute! Sarah calls these my special Ed bees. They’re lemon cake with cream cheese frosting and then I melted dark chocolate for the ‘stripes’. I topped them off with googly eyes and these little candies I made in this funky candy mold I found. I think they’re cute.

Here are our ‘take home’ gifts for all of them. They’re cute little puzzles that I found @ Michael’s in the dollar bin. I put a tag on them that says “We learn our articles of Faith so that we won’t be ‘puzzled’ when others ask us what Mormon’s believe.” I think they’re cute.

our trophy

and the winners were
lynzee (2nd), McKenna (1st), and Camille (3rd)

our invitations (the bee graphic is a LD graphic that I’ve had for years but can’t find on the site otherwise I’d refer you to it…it’s a cute one!)
(font LDJ Beezy) . I made tickets. Some of the girls remembered to bring theirs.

our ‘Punch card’. We had two groups, the buzzy bees and the honey bees. two different graphics.


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