FHE in a bag


I Love it when a plan comes together 🙂 (He, He, He…..cackle, cackle, cackle)

So, I like working with a team. I definitely have definite, strong ideas but I seem to charge my energy working with others.

This latest Activity Day girl meeting was a good example of group synergy. I had seen these cute ideas on the web for doing a family home evening in a can. (for those unfamiliar with family home evening, it is one night set aside for us to spend time together as a family. We usually have a lesson on a gospel related topic and an activity or game and then of course desert. ) We chose to do our FHE in a bag as opposed to a can because it was pretty inexpensive and it was readily available. I chose some brown paper sacks (12 for $5.99) and one of my co-leaders had the girls decorate the bags with paper flowers. She set them up with some large paper punches and the girls had soooo much fun! Then, my same fantastic co-leader helped them make job chart/spinners…so cute. I created some lesson ‘flip charts’. My lesson was on Joseph Smith and his first vision. I gave them a song to sing (the words) and instructions on where to find more music (lds.org). Then, each of the cards had part of the story of Joseph with a picture, very simple :). At the end of the cards I had one card with “questions” to ask and then the rules to a game (redlight/greenlight). Soooo simple. We put the cards onto book rings and put them in their cute little bags! then, another co-leader created a large batch of brownie mix (from the book mix-a-meal–you should check it out!) and then the girls packaged their desert and put them in their bags. I thought this activity just went soo well! I was thrilled!


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