Happy National Scrapbooking Day!



so I know my blog mostly gets read by my mom and Sisters and a few close friends so I know All of you know I scrapbook and that I love it!!! Today is National Scrapbooking Day! Did you know scrapbooking has it’s own day? I learned it recently. I think it’s GREAT! Why does scrapbooking have it’s own day? Is it to shame us to ‘catch up’ on our scrapbooking? Is it to promote scrapbooking projects and companies? Is it to remind us to take one day to document our personal lives? It’s probably a bit of all of this!

Here’s my take. No one should be ashamed for not being perfectly caught up in their scrapbooking or not having a super cute book out for display or to give children or grand children. Scrapbooking is for me a creative way of showing my family my feelings for them. I say in pictures what I don’t say so well in words. When I first started scrapbooking it was in the early dawn of acid free photo albums. There was not much available. The techniques were to basically cut out a picture, mount it in an acid free album with acid free glue or adhesive and decorate with cute stickers. The message was to get our photos out of dangerous ‘acidic’ albums and into a non-‘acidic’ album, and to lable our picutres for future generations. Today the techniques are worlds more sophisticated, and our supply options are endless. The main message hasn’t changed much. Now the message is to get our photos off our computers, out of our boxes and yes, our old acidic albums and get them into a nice acid free environment (most everything is considered acid free now since rules have changed) and to lable our pictures.

So, today in honor of national scrapbooking day I dare you to make one scrapbook page today. You can do it on Heritage Makers (even if you do not publish!!), you can do it with craft paper, I don’t care. Do one page that expresses something you want to share with future generations!

I have here an example of a page I did recently. I love it! I want thought it would be helpful for you to have an example to copy. Please feel free….

I did!!

(this is the same layout i used for my Kara page. I used “almost amusing” and paper shapers – basic (read: FREE) digital art in Heritage Makers, on an 8×8 individual scrapbook page – $2.95)



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  1. Fun! You are always so informative! I actually worked today on groundwork for my project and tried to get my scanner back in working order so I can move forward. Amazing that today was actually a special day for such activities.

  2. Your scrapbook pages look awesome! I always want to take the time to do this! I just get side tracked with all the fun crafts to do – oh, then there is homeschooling, housework…..etc. =0) Come plant your creative seeds at my blog party on Fridays: Plant a Punkin Seed Party at Punkin Seed Productions. Thanks for following my blog! (Hey, I'm from Oregon too!)KristiPunkin Seed Productions

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