Thoughts on mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day is not one of my favorite days.  For a long time I avoided mother’s Day if at all possible. i hated being chased down the hallways of church by well meaning youth to take flowers and such for mother’s day.  It was an oppressive day.  An example of where I failed in life.  Now, I know I didn’t really fail but logic doesn’t really enter into certain matters of the heart.  Then, we adopted Peekaboo.  For several years I was able to slough off that negative feeling surrounding mother’s day and just experience it.  I am a mother and I took comfort in that.  But, after a while I found myself dreading mother’s day again.  I try really hard to enjoy it.  My hubby and beautiful daughter try so hard to make it special but I still struggle.  Maybe I always will, maybe eventually it will fade away….

I had an interesting experience a week ago.  My Co-leader was teaching my Activity Day Girl’s Group about Mother’s and one of my girl’s looks up at me and says “I bet you’re so excited.”  and I said “for what?”  She said “for Mother’s Day” and I asked “why?”…genuinely baffled by the direction of this conversation….and she said “because you’ve got a daughter”.  This is a girl who lost her mother young in life (and she’s still so young).  She has a step mother who loves her and guides her as if she is her own but I think she still feels the loss of her mother.  To her it was exciting that I got to spend Mother’s Day with my daughter.  I thought that was such a pure, sweet notion.  I tried hard to feel more on Mother’s Day than I usually do.  It was a struggle but I was definitely grateful to spend Mother’s Day with my daughter.

this is my Peekaboo
Why does she look so bored?
I’m taking pictures….again…..
I just want one really cute picture of her.
I love the yellow dress she’s wearing.
We bought it in Portland a couple of weeks ago.
It’s yellow eyelet.
She’s one of the few people I know who looks beautiful in yellow.
When she was little I used to dress her in yellow all the time.
I called her Sunny Sarah.
She would smile and laugh
while tearing apart my house!

This is my mother-in-law JoAnn.  She came down and spent Mother’s Day with us.  John and Boo made us dinner and served it on our back covered patio area (wish I had a picture).  It was really sweet.

Here is John and his mom Jo. JoAnn came and spent a large portion of the day with us.  She brought old home movies that are still on the old projector reels.  We set up a screen in our livingroom and watched old home movies.  John had to keep fixing the projector but by the time he finished it was working really well.  WE found old home videos of his Uncle Joe and his family.  Uncle Joe and his wife and 3 kids were killed in a plane crash 36 years ago.  JoAnn didn’t know that they had these videos so it was a big find!

Since we got photos of everyone else we had to get one of me and Jo.
WE had a lovely mother’s day together.

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  1. love the photos of Sarah in yellow, she does look so good in it! I am glad this year was better for you than most! I think you are an amazing mother not only to Sarah but to all the "children" you have in your life!

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