I Want a Silhouette!


 OK…so you already know I’m a little crazy when it comes to my crafting.  Several years ago my darling hubby bought a Cricut for me and it’s been my favorite tool EVER.  I use it constantly.  It’s just a little 6×12 model (the smaller one) but I can do so friggin much with this thing…..BUT being me….I hate limiations.  When I want to create whatever is in my head I want to just DO IT and not be slowed down by technicalities like only being able to access certain fonts, or certain sizes, etc….

Soooo….. then comes the Silhouette machine.  I’ve been drooling over this fabulous machine for a while now…drool…drool….drooooool.  CAN  NOT AFFORD IT:(

So, this blog that I follow called How Does She is having a contest to win a free Silhouette and other cool free stuff with the Silhouette.  I NEVER enter these things but I did today!  Check it out!  You could enter too and if one of us wins maybe I could use your brand new toy! Unless you live far away……

check out the silhouette here @I Want a Silhouette!!


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