I have some REALLY happy birds!


I have some REALLY happy birds!

So, my title has 2 meanings.

1) the birds in my backyard seem very happy since they’ve found such a ready food supply in my garden.  So far they’ve demolished what was left of my cucumbers AND started on my zuccinni.  My super problem solving hubby has come up with a possible solution.  I will post a pic later to show.  Time will tell whether it will work!

2)  My friend Melissa is on vacation with her family.  She asked me to ‘bird sit’.  So, I have two cockatails, Mooch and Spice.  We’re trying to decide if we like the extra exuberant noise in our quiet household or not.  Hmmm…..


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  1. LOL< I am sorry the birds decimated your veggies!! I hope John has found a good option so you at least get some of your harvest. You must love to pet sit, seems you are always watching someones animals!

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