Every Memorial Day in our town there is a wonderful tradition where our local veterans group goes to each individual cemetery in our township and has a ceremony including 5 gun salute to celebrate our veterans.  They put flags on all of the veteran’s grave sites and select one veteran in specific to honor, inviting the family to participate in the ceremony.  I love these special, small, intimate ceremonies.  We’ve been going to the cemetery where my brother is buried on Veteran’s day for 10 years.  Last year we didn’t quite make it so this year we looked in the newspaper for the time.  All the other cemeteries were listed but ours wasn’t listed.  So, we made an educated guess based on the last ceremony listed and the distance the whole group had to travel and showed up at the cemetery for the ceremony and MISSED IT!  We got there just as they were dispersing.  I was sooooo upset.  We looked at the flyer posted @ the cemetery and found that the newspaper even had it printed wrong.  They had everything off by an hour.  Grrrr…..

So we missed the ceremony.


we did get our traditional family pictures.

the group’s much smaller this year than in the past.

note the delighted look on teenage daughter’s face:)
We’ll try again next year.

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