sayin’ goodbye is hard to do!!

Peekaboo’s BFF/Sister/Can’t live without her is moving.
oh, the trauma!
oh, the drama!
14 is a rough age to move!!! ( I do know from personal experience)
We’ve tried talking to the girls together AND separately…emphasizing that they’ll still be friends and they can call, or facebook or skype…
But, to these girls it is the end of the world as they know it.  They’ve been buddies since they were 5 years old!
As part of our effort to make this a positive goodbye we threw a goodbye party for Sym.  
A whole gaggle of giggly, teen girls swooped in our home for a day of fun, pop, archery, pizza and a church dance.  It was a looooooooong day.  I made Sym a swatchbook filled with photos of her and she loves it.  I left lots of space for her to have friends sign it and write messages and personalize it.  You can check out the book here!
I took some darling pictures of the girls right before taking them to L.O. for the dance.  I think they look darling.  I just wish my camera hadn’t been wigging out on me.  I’m not happy with the quality.
Aren’t they too cute??

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