my day off!


I never really take the day off.  OK, so occasionally Peekaboo and I sleep in a bit more than we should or vegetate for a while but I never take it off.  I always accomplish something.  Even when John has the day off and we plan to spend it ‘together’ I always end up taking care of his needs, his errands + household stuff + my daughter still needs to be important.

Well, yesterday I took off my first real day in I don’t know how long.  OK, so it was more like a 3/4 day.  I did do 3 loads of laundry and tidied up the kitchen and did some research and exercised and did some AG work…..BUT I was done by noon and then I took the rest of the day OFF!!!!!)

So, what does one do on  a day off?  Actually, if I didn’t have my friend Chery to help me I would have no idea.  We went to lunch @ the Cheesecake factory.  Never been there.  always wanted to.  I had a good sandwich thingy with lots of avocado which filled a huge need in me.  I didn’t even know I’d been craving avocado until I ate it and KNEW.  then, we wandered the mall looking at make up.  That’s new to me too.  FYI I don’t really have makeup any more.  Ever since sharing a bathroom with my beautiful teenage daughter while our bathroom was under construction I haven’t had any make up left.  She ‘borrowed’ almost all of it and it never returned.  That was 2 years ago and I never replaced what had disappeared.  Chery and I look @ makeup and she kept trying to urge me to buy something but I didn’t even know what to do…it’s been that long!  So, she took me to Nordstroms and dragged me over to a makeup artist stand and told them I was looking for foundation and I needed a make over.  The lady who worked on me (Sybil @ MAC cosmetics) was very friendly.  She asked me my preferences and ended up trying a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen in it for me.  I love it.  It’s all in one and it’s pretty light.  I had a good time being made up.  I had a good time browsing.  Chery even got me to try on perfume.  something I never do.

After we left the Mall (I know…me….in a mall!) we stopped by the party store to look for some supplies for my date with hubby that night.  I was looking for fireman inspired supplies.  I did find a hat but it’s teenie, still bought it though.  It was only $1.00.

I came home and spent the remainder of my day preparing for my date with johnny baby that night.  (and where was beautiful daughter you may ask?  At a friend’s house!!  Actually staying there and not leaving forcing me to ground her again!!!  One day of (well, not NO worry but less worry).)  So, my date was all centered around the movie FireProof.  If you haven’t seen it you should.  I had heard good things about it and saw some stuff on blogs about dating on it and had friend referrals.  So, I thought we’d see it.  I decided since it was “fire”proof that my theme was HOT!  So, I bought hot wings for dinner (Yummy!) and had jalapeno hot chips (ouch!) a red drink that I made and lava cakes for desert and then hot tamales for snack during the movie and popcorn.  My Hubby Bubby loved the date!  It was so fun and relaxing.  I love this dating thing…Just gotta keep it up!   It’s so nice to have Johnny all to my little peapickin’ self.  Love that man!!

THAT is my day off!  I need to do it again!!  I feel relaxed.  I feel happy with me.  My daughter had a break from me so she’s happy with me again and hubby seemed happy that I was happy.



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  1. Very creative meal choice! I love that you got a makeover! MAC cosmetics are very good, I have never bought them though, too expensive. I have fireproof on my netflix list and I am really looking forward to watching it. I am not sure I could get Ryan too though,not really his kind of movie. I am REALLY glad you got a 3/4 day off, I need to get more of those too!

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