Apparently, June 19, 2010 is designated as THE day to have a dance recital.  I was invited to 3 today!  Only made it to one but it was the most important one.

My nieces Abi and Cedes had their big dance recital today.  It’s a HUGE recital with 44 numbers being danced.  theirs was the 38th!!!!!!  It’s crazy.  There’s even a 15 minute intermission in the middle.  The number that they danced to is “wild, wild west”.  they do tap and it’s so darling, with their cute little cowboy hats!!

Abi changed out of her costume but Cedes is proud of her getup!
The girls and their Mommy!  ‘Cedes is the spittin image, I’m telling you it’s striking!
The girls and their daddy!  my baby brother!  Abi can’t help hamming it up!
Trying and action shot!
Sorry, no picture of me 😦 
my camera battery died   🙂
aren’t they sweet!!

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  1. Wow are they growing up. Mercedes does look so much like her mom. Thanks for the picture of Seth! I love seeing him with the girls.Thanks for being the "family photographer!"

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