AG Day Camp 2010


Another year of Activity Girls Day Camp has come and gone.  I only forgot 5 or 6 things, including silverware…so, not my best but still not bad.  I am so blessed to enjoy working with my girls.  I have so much fun.  They bring out a younger, more carefree me.

This is my group.  I had 16 girls.  I only expected 11.  My co-leaders are Chery and Amy.  They’re fabulous women who make this work fun!

Mr. Bill Wood of Magnus Tree farm kept the girls mesmerized on a one hour guided hike. He says he has 2 1/2 hours worth of material, easy, he just trimmed it back for us.  he talked a lot to us about the healing things the come from the woods. he taught us how to identify stinging nettle and how to treat it naturally.  It was fascinating.  The girls were literally totally absorbed!

This is the friendly neighborhood bullsnake.  He’s really quite friendly.  Likes to be held.  All the girls adored him!

Emmalyn absorbed
Day Camp would not be complete without Archery and my Mr. Range Master!
We made scripture journals to follow along with the journaling prompts in the ‘Friend’ magazine.  I told them if they do 6 entries in their journal this summer I will give them a special journaling charm for their bracelets.
Ellie, Chery & Andrea
What awesome girls!
By far the most popular activity of the day was playing in the creek.  Here they look so cute, cooling off. By the end of the day they were soaking wet and lovin’ it!
Bishop Bill stopped by for a visit.  The girls love him!
I wish I had more pics to share.  the battery on my camera died. 

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  1. Way to pull off another great year!! I love the creativity! That tree farm guy was a real catch, I would have loved to hear all his knowledge!!! I am really glad the weather was good and the girls had an enjoyable time!

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