An update in 3 parts

Sometimes things happen in groups!  I feel like lately my life has been on near constant GO!  Most of it has been wonderful.  So many sweet things have been happening, quite a few of them photogenic but life has moved at such a quick pace that I haven’t been able to post.
So, here’s a quick update 
in 3 parts
First off!  I finally have pictures from Recognition Night.  One of my co-leaders took the pictures that night and gave them in a zip drive to another co-leader who didn’t realize what was on the zip and mis-placed it for a while before we figured out what it was…..then it was a few months of me saying “can I pick up that zip drive?” before finally picking them up today.  recognition Night is always a special night and this year it was all about the beauty within.  My girls are darling!  Don’t you think?
My sweet beautiful girls!
Next update!  Johnny & Peekaboo had the opportunity to participate in a Stake Youth Conference titled “Youth VS. Wild”.  John went as an instructor.  Peekaboo went as a participant.
This conference was all about the B.O.M.  They hiked a mile into a rather isolated location to simulate the Nephi and his family in the wilderness.
(that’s Peekaboo in the red sweatshirt on the end!)  Hiking!!
They had to follow a compass to find ‘the promised land’
Our friend Mark B. taught the compass activity
Then they built fortresses and a tower ala King Benjamin
They also built boats!
and a rope bridge (not pictured)
They also had the opportunity to use bows and aarows
JR was the Range Master, teaching archery.  He set up a range of ‘prey’ for them to capture for food 
The kids seemed to really enjoy it.
All in all it seems that it was a wonderful 2 day event for JR & Sarah and all of the other young adults and leaders.
So, now update part 3!!
We finally took a family trip.  Just a quick short one, but effective.  We went to WA to visit my sister Christy & her kids.  We decided to treat it like a vacation so on our way up we stopped @ a place called Cabela’s, a VERY large sporting goods store that Johnny has wanted to visit for a while.  Cabellas is filled with “I hope” faux ‘prey’.  There is a whole wildlife scene built into the center of the store including an aquarium with live fish.
JR enjoyed looking at guns and amunition, a variety of archery supplies and fun boating accessories.  Peekaboo and I entertained ourselves by running around the store taking pictures of ourselves with some of the various wildlife AND taking pictures of ourselves in some rather hideous outfits (NOT PICTURED!!! but, funny!).   We had a good time together.
Once we dragged poor Johnny from the store we headed north to Christy’s.
Christy had planned a special outting for she and I and Sarah.  We all went to a viewing of the new movie “Eclipse”. 
I have read the book and the movie seemed faithful but since it’s not my kind of book it just wasnt’ my kind of movie.   But, it was fun to get out and do something just for the girls.  I enjoyed spending time with my girl.  We both got really excited about the new Harry Potter trailer!!
So, onto other fun things we did in WA.
John and I took Christy’s crew to the park.  There’s a darling park close to their home that the kids LOVED playing on.  John chased them and played ‘Pirate’ with them.  ‘Twas suuuuuuuuper cute!
We were in WA over the 4th of July and it was a raaaainy weekend.  Christy has a firepit thingy and we decided that we could cook s’mores for the 4th but when the 4th came it was quite drizzly.  fortunately Uncle Johnny can build a fire in just about any weather.  We pulled the little fire pit thingy over under the eve of the house and got the fire going and then pulled it back after it got going.  it worked well.
I have a bunch of cute ‘marshmallow’ pics but they’d take too long to show….suffice to say the kids had a blast!! Even Daddy Ryan took part!  (he’s not much for outdoorsy stuff)
Now, being AUNT HOPE I have to have a photo shoot to finish off our trip!!
such cute photos if I do say so myself!!
So, that’s about caught me up!  Hope this blog isn’t like the longest most boringest ever!!

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  1. Wow, I hadn't heard much about youth conference, it looks awesome. A lot of work, I can't imagine how they built all those structures. Thanks for posting about it.

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