It’s for the birds!


So I’m sick and tired of birds right now.  I know they can be beautiful and fun to watch but this has not been a good year for birds in the A. household.

Some of the highlights include their eating my vegetable garden not ONCE but TWICE and now I have a nest of what we think are chimney swifts in our chimney….

They are loud little buggers!  They chirp and tweet all the time, morning, noon and night.  All of the information I’ve read so far says they’ll live in our chimney for 2-3 weeks and then leave and then we’re supposed to put some protection over our chimney so they don’t come back.  So far we’re at about 2 1/2 weeks.  Have I mentioned they are LOUD!!!

I’m tired of birds right now……GRRR


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  1. you made me think of the movie, steal magnolia where the dad gets a Gun and sets off fire works to get rid of the birds. Strangely I can see John doing something like that! Just stop feeding them! LOL!!

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