5K and I’m OK


On Saturday I participated in my first 5K ever!  It was ‘Run, Run ye Saints’ a 5k, 10k run/walk put on by the church in our area & spearheaded by my friend Brenda.  This has been a goal for months.  I’ve had some struggles along the way, most notably foot issues.  I was so scared.  I’ve had difficulties pushing myself beyond 1 1/2 miles, which if you do math you know is a good mile and a half + SHORT of a 5K.  I tried talking myself out of it but I knew that was just my chicken half talking and I’m tired of listening to my chicken half.  So, @ 7:50 or so on Saturday morning I presented myself @ the race knowing I was about to be the slowest runner and whimpiest.  The fun thing about this race though was the fact that a large part of the participants (probably a little less than 1/3) are friends of mine, so I was quite literally among friends…I don’t think you get that in a more competitive race. It was nice to hear “way to go Hope!” from the runners as they passed me by and even a few high fives. I managed to run a little less than a mile (made a rookie mistake and ran the day before so I think I was too tired) and then I resorted to walking for 2-3 minutes and running for 2-3 minutes.  my official time was 44:17, 7 seconds behind the winner of the 10K women’s race (so she litterally ran a double what I did in half the time).  I can not say I enjoyed it but I can say I did it…I ACOMPLISHED IT!  I did not chicken out!  I will do it again sometime, but I need to train more.  I run again on Monday.

So, to answer any questions:

  1. no, I was not last….I beat a little girl, she was last…BUT she was beating me for most of the race, I passed her at the end.
  2. Yes, the weather co-operated.  It was overcast and in the mid 60’s so it was pleasant running, one did not get too hot.
  3. I think there were about 60-70 participants so good turnout for the first run/walk ever.
  4. Yes, I blame Brenda… For what you ask?  For telling me this was a good idea.  She is probably right but around mile 2 it felt like a very BAD idea.
  5. Any other questions?

among friends: L-R
Dawn, Christine, Jim, Alana(stroller), Ericka, Jared, Bryce, Quinton, Chantel, Ryan, Sue, Jeff, Kimberly, Evan, Me (next time I definitely need to wear black!! I look waaay heavier than I actually am!), Brenda, Ashley, Steven, Johnny, Cherry.

my bib #


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  1. Congrats! Way to stick to it! Logan really wants me to do something like this, but I really don't like running…and I'm chicken. I feel like passing out after twenty feet. Ick. I'm proud of you!

  2. Black is best at ALL times! And Emily, I used to hate running too, but I can definitely say, without any reservations, that I do not hate running any more. Beyond that, I will not go.

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