forgive me if I cry


Girl’s Camp was last week.

I was alone for 5 days.

You’d think that would be fun.  It’s not.  It’s lonely.

I spent one really fun day with my mother-in-law.  We bought earrings.  I love earrings!  My M.I.L. bought a darling headband with a butterfly on it and a matching ring.  ‘Twas suuuper cute!

The rest of my alone time I spent canning cucumbers (messy!!, Smelly!!!, stinky!!!!), grouting the shower in peekaboo’s bathroom (messy!!!), cleaning her bathroom (ughh!!!) and cleaning the rest of the house.  When my family came home everything was clean & sparkly and there were even fresh baked cookies on the counter.  Super Mommy!!

So, Peekaboo and JR had a good time @ girl’s camp.  This is Peekaboo’s 3rd year.  I can not believe she’s this old.  My heart aches at how fast she’s growing up.  Peekaboo’s best friend Symphony also came for camp.  She recently moved to California and was able to visit temporarily.  Because of circumstances beyond our control we probably won’t get o see her again.  So, forgive me if I cry a bit.

I gave each of the girl’s disposible camera’s and instructions on the kinds of pictures to get.  They disregarded the instructions and Peekaboo left her camera @ camp, soooo…..I’m trying to find friends and friends of friends who have pictures of camp.  It’s been a chaotic week, so i’ll go begging next week.

I do have a few photos to share though.

The theme was super heroes.  Peekaboo & Sarah made matching costumes.  They were ‘miss appear and dis apppear (ended up being a prophetic name).  Sym is wearing hers in the photo above.  they were kinda cute.
Note how delighted JR looks 😦
The two girls in ‘capes’ are my two latest AG graduates. They grew up so quickly.

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