solving a small problem

I have been asked to teach a class on organizing.  Specifically being organized for the upcoming school year.  So, being ME I’ve been studying up on organizing.  I learned that there are different organizational styles just like personality styles.  If you understand what your organizational style is you can tailor your organization efforts more effectively towards what will work instead of what won’t work.
Now, I think it’s funny but alot of people describe me as organized.  I don’t feel very organized.  I feel like I’m always desperately trying to keep a little on top of things so that my world won’t implode.  Maybe that is organization.  I know I’m a champion procrastinator.  That’s not very organized.  ANYWAY…..back to Organizational styles.
After much reading I found that basically organizational styles fall into 3 categories.
1) practical
2) visual
3) Not organized AT ALL
Obviously there are a lot of sub categories for practical and visual.
I learned that I am a visual.  I put things in decorative jars so i can SEE what I’m organizing.  I make and decorate cute little notebooks and make colorful tabs to keep track. my calendar is color coded (right now it’s almost all purple because that’s peekaboo’s color…she’s got a lot coming up!!).  Finding out my organizational style was a very welcome surprise.  I’d never even thought to find out.  never occured to me.  now, I wonder why I didn’t do it before.  One area I struggle with organizationally is my jewelry.  I like jewelry, specifically DANGLING EARRINGS…love them….but, they are always tangled together in piles and heaps.  I’ve tried different earing racks but they’re designed for studded earings rather than the dangly type I prefer. So, I get frustrated and don’t use the racks or the jewelry boxes and my earrings lay in piles all over.  NOT ORGANIZED!!  After learning my organizational style I had an ah-ha moment.  I needed to be able to see my earrings!!!  So, while surfing one of my favorite blogsites …Ahem…..(Ucreate)… day, I found this darling tutorial at “a little of this”  (tis a darlin’ little site).  Anyway… she created a free-standing earring holder out of some wire mesh, candle stick,  and a wooden tray from Michaels.  

It’s darling and she has an excellent tutorial on it. 
Anyway, I was so inspired by this idea but I did not want something to take up my limited table space so I started thinking…..
I have this darling picture frame.  

It has hung in my home since I was first married (since we got it as a wedding gift).  It’s cute but very 80’s.  I won’t miss the picture but the frame is cute!
So, I took the picture out.
stapled on some left over screen (from our back door)
hung it back up with my earrings.
Easy Peasy!

I love it!!!!
It was FREE!!!!!!!  The only thing is….it turns out I have a LOT of earrings.  So, I may need to find another larger frame and repeat, but this will do for now. 
I like solving little problems ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Wow! Way to use your resources! It looks like you have a fun collection ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I must be a "practical" organizer, because whenever I try to make cutsy tabs or put stuff in bins…it never works out right. That's just not me, I guess.

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