Wild & Wooly @ in Lincoln City


I love how unpredictable it is on the Oregon Coast.  I like the rain and the storms, the brief poetic glimpses of sun and the glorious sunsets…. I’m not quite as fond of the funky traffic, bad (read: erratic!) drivers and high cost of living (but, I digress…)

This weekend we had a lovely Andrews’ family get together in Lincoln City.  JoAnn rented a lovely place for all of us called ‘DeerHaven’ and we all congregated there.  The only real downer about this beach house was that we could not get the internet to work, so….bummer…. we all had to talk to each other instead!

WE had a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean.
WE had lots of fun and laughter and food!!!  tons of food!!!  waaaaay too much food!!  
Peekaboo and I napped constantly.  We fell asleep @ the drop of a hat.
We definitely had fun!
John & his Mom JoAnn
Brother-in-law Jeff & our nephew Eric
Jeremy & JoAnn
Lincoln (age 1) & Mommy Jessica
Jeremy & Ken (Robynn’s Fiancee)
Grandma Barb & Lincoln
Ben & Jessica
Robynn & JoAnn
Janine & son Eric
Joe & jessica (not pictured is 6 year old Braedyn who didn’t feel like being photographed this weekend)
We actually got a family photograph (minus Ken and Robynn)… This is a RARE event!

The only really icky part of the weekend was the exciting event of John and I getting in a car accident.  The other driver decided to rapidly back down the street into oncoming (read US) traffic.  He was extremely apologetic but we still have a really messed up car.  Not fun!!  Thank Heavens for Car Insurance.

To cap off our weekend we stopped at the Drift Creek Covered Bridge, just outside of Lincoln City.  It’s a beautiful bridge, in a beautiful setting.  All part of our little tour of covered Bridges in Oregon.  (some day we’ll get to all of them!)


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