AG Luau 2010


Another LUAU has come and gone. I think this one was a success! I had so much fun, but then I always do! the Luau’s started out as a bribe. Waaaay back in the early days of leading AG Melissa (my partner in all of this) and I had some really wild girls, they were a handful. So, we bribed them. We told them that if they behaved for a certain amount of time we would do something fun, something they picked. The girls were so excited and they picked (to our surprise) a LUAU. (we were thinking pizza party:) the first LUAU was such a success that it became a yearly event and eventually turned into a mother/daughter event.  Our luau usually consists of some games (this year it was hula hoop contest, girls against moms….girls universally won * I know, you’re shocked!!…. we also had a tug of war…I do have funny pics of that one…. and then of course LIMBO…the girls love limbo.  Then, in between games we have dinner…Hawiian haystacks, YUMMM, followed by sherbet for desert *I think I misspelled sherbet….. anyway….. FUN, FUN!!!!

So, check out my pictures!
This is our invitation for this year. One of my co-leaders (Cheri) and I created it. I think it’s darling!

Here’s a collage of mother’s and daughters.  I think they’re oh so cute together, doncha think?

ugh!  I hate myself in pictures…ironically though, it was me who insisted on the pictures.  I don’t have any pictures with my co-leaders and they are always such amazing women.  I wanted to document this latest group.  These are fabulous, talented women who are such a help to me and a blessing to the girls we serve.

Ok,  funny story.  this is Amy.  She was one of my co-leaders until a few weeks ago when she got released and gobbled up by YW :(.  Bummer.  So, Cheri was taking pics and wanted one of the two of us, so she pointed the camera at us and we smiled….then, Amy who is easily 9 inches taller than I am suddenly drops down to my level, like she was in an elevator.  I cracked up so hard!


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  1. Totally fun, I love how AG has evolved for you, it must be so nice to have been in the program long enough to make it work the way you like! I really love the invitation, soo cute!! Those girls are very lucky to have you as a leader.

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