now we can turn on Christmas music!


Thanksgiving was held at C & R’s this year.  Seth & his girlfriend Nichole drove up for the day, and so did we.  Christy provided a delicious brined turkey…YUM!  Seth made his hitmaking mashed potatos and I made 5 pies— 1 apple, 2 pumpkin and 2 slighly burned chocolate (luckily, everyone had a good sense of humor about the burned chocolate.  Aaron even said, “it was pretty good, if you put enough whipped cream on it!) WE all had a lot of fun together.  Lots of wrestling went on.  The kids were hysterical.  Funny quotes of the day are: Aaron “I’m invisible” (because he wore camouflage in honor of Uncle John), Alton: ” Easy peasy, lemon squeezy” (while he ran up the stairs to make a ‘scorpion’), Kara “You broke my heart” (when Sarah had the audacity to not be upstairs playing with her.  There is such joy in simply being together.  Christy, Seth and I played a few rounds of Family Seek, just to brush up on our family history (hopefully we didn’t scare Nichole).    It was a good day (loooong drive, but good day!)

Uncle John attempts to text “happy thanksgiving” while being tackled, constantly!

Alton’s living for his art right now.  He decided his art belonged on his and Peek’s faces!

the whole clan– even the elusive ryan

you can’t tell by his face- but, alton was thrilled to be taking a picture with uncle john

girl power!

Sethy and Nichole

the camouflaged ones!  (we almost couldn’t see them in the couch!!)

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