Almost music


There is always something so precious about witnessing a child as they learn and grow.  Seeing them light up with the knowledge that they can “do” whatever it is, is a precious moment.

Tonight I witnessed such a moment (or several of them).  I attended my niece Abi’s winter music concert.  The first part of the program were the fledgling string players, specifically violin and 2 cello.  they looked so adorable all lined up, at attention just ANXIOUS to play.  They lifted their bows and something that was not quite music came out of them.  It was ear splitting, headache producing and unrecognizable and YET at the same time there was a feeling of joy in the room as the parents and loved ones who’d come to support welcomed the JOY of the child learning.  It was sweet and precious.  I’m glad I was there.  I’m glad I didn’t record it.

So, Abi’s part went much smoother.  6 sweet little songs so adorably sung by the choir.  I videoed them, but my video’s NOT good so I won’t torment you. 

I do have pictures.

I will share!


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  1. Cute pictures! Abi's hair looks adorable, too. Is the blonde girl one of Nicole's kids?I remember playing in those early orchestras…terrifying stuff! But a great experience.

  2. I am so glad that you get to go to these events. What a great aunt you are! Isn't it fun to go from participant to observer? We enjoyed all of the wonderful concerts over the years. Thanks so much for posting!

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