treasure hunt


We celebrated Peekaboo’s birthday today.  It overwhelms me to realize my baby is this old.  She’s got her own distinct personality, sense of humor, style.  She’s her own person.  It’s cool and scary all at the same time.  I remember being 15. Like I said, scary.

So, we had a low-key celebration.  Grandma Jo came and so did Uncle Sethy.  Peekaboo got a bunch of gifts….but she was really just searching for one.  There was one thing that she had asked for, REALLY, REALLY, DESPERATELY wanted and as she opened her gifts you could see her getting more anxious as each gift showed itself to not be THE one.  Finally, the last gift arrived and she tore into it only to look completely stumped.  It was the first of several questions in a treasure hunt sending her to different locations around our home.

Do you think you know the answers?  I dare you to try to get them right.  post here and if you get them all I’ll be shocked!

  1. ” If you get this gift in “TIME” you’ll get the gift you want.  
  2. “How much “wood” can a wood chuck chuck?
  3. ” A GRAND FIR is a beautiful thing”
  4. “You know you love to rock out to the “oldies” but goodies.  

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  1. The first sounds like the magazine bin/rack thingy. The second is the woodpile/that wood compartment near your fireplace.The third is the Christmas tree.I'm stumped on the fourth. The piano? Your CD collection?What did she get?

  2. Hmmm… I think the first is a clock? The second would be the wood pile? The third is the Christmas tree and the fourth would mabe be a record collection??What were her gifts? I can't beleive she is 15, so scary!!

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