…and to all a good night!


Christmas eve is a smorgasbourg of my family & JR’s family traditions.

My family traditions are to have a fine feast & a family rendering of the Nativity Play.  My brother & his girls came for dinner and a play and although we were really short members of our play we still managed to pull it off somehow.

L-R: mary (heavy with child, Joseph (in PINK!), shepherd/inkeeper/wiseman, angel/wiseman & in front our narrator/Harod

Abi girl likes to ham it up for the camera.  She thinks it’s cute.  Consensus disagrees with her.

he certain ain’t no angel

JR’s family has a never ending buffet and mega gift opening.

JoAnn & Jessia

John & sister Barb

We did both this year and I am so tired.

We finished up with the traditional reading of ‘the night before Christmas’ read by our ‘reluctant’ daughter who I think secretly still enjoys this tradition….

and the leaving of milk and cookies for Santa. 

she does try to humor me.  isn’t she a sweet girl!

For me this time is precious.  The quiet time right before  Christmas when we gather as a family one last time. when we can feel the quiet of the night, contemplate the birth of Christ and anticipate the fun to come the next morning.


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